Maintaining the Right Arbor Care need for your Trees

How To Remove A Tree Without Harming It

If you have a tree which is too large for space it is in or too close to the foundations of your home, you need to consider moving it. Removing a tree without harming it will take careful planning and some root pruning. If the tree is very large, you should consider hiring a certified arborist to do this for you as it will be more difficult.

When To Move The Tree

It is recommended that you wait for fall before you remove the tree. This will be when the tree is preparing for the dormancy phase of its annual cycle. You need to wait for this time as you will cause less stress to the tree by moving it at this point instead of during the active growing period. You will also have less chance of harming the root system when it is not actively growing.

Take Measurements

Before you start to remove the tree, you will need to measure the diameter of the trunk. You should then multiply this number by 9 to determine the distance from the trunk to prune the roots. If you have a tree with a 1-inch diameter, you will need to prune the roots 9 inches away from the trunk. It is recommended that you calculate this for the tree instead of using a general radius because each tree is different.(

Prune The Roots

Once you know where to start pruning the roots, you can mark out this area. You will then need to push straight down into the soil with a spade forming a circle around the tree at the correct distance. Find out more here at This circle should be made of 10 to 18 inch deep cuts which will sever the longer roots and force the tree to form a root system of shorter roots.

It is important that you prune the tree for 2 to 3 months before you actually remove it. If you need a safely removing of trees near your home, you can hire this tree company. It is better to give the tree a lot of time to amend the root system. This will ensure that the tree is able to cope when you remove it and that the root system will still be intact.

Water It The Night Before

The night before you are going to remove the tree, you should deep water it. This will soften the soil and make it easier to cut into the ground and remove the tree. It will also provide enough hydration for the tree so it will not suffer from transplant shock.

Remove The Tree

When you are ready to remove the tree, you will need to dig another circle around the tree. This circle should be around 6 inches out from the original pruning circle. You will need to dig straight into the soil to a depth of 18 inches.

If possible, you should push the shovel under the tree and rock it back and forth. This will loosen the tree from the hole and make it easier to remove. You will then have to cut the roots from under the soil ball with a pair of sheers or the sharp end of the shovel. Once this is done, you need to place a burlap cloth under the root ball and remove the tree.